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The Easy Way To Clean A Leather Sofa.

A real leather sofa is worth a lot!

Clean your sofa with our trick to restore it to its new shine and suppleness.

Your sofa, you care about it, it's normal. He's as handsome as anything, but lately he's been getting a little old.

Here is the trick to clean it easily:

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How to

1. Take a clean cloth and some milk.

2. Dip the cloth in the milk and wring it out to remove excess milk.

3. Pass the cloth gently and evenly over the entire surface of your sofa.

4. Now rinse the cloth with clear water and run it over the sofa to remove the milk.

5. Give a final wipe with a dry cloth to remove the moisture.


And that's it, it's over, your sofa has taken a real youthful look :-)

If sofas could talk, yours would thank you.