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48 Brilliant Ideas For Reusing Empty CANS.

Andy Warhol made tin cans famous!

Yes, but what to do with all these boxes?

Do not throw away these practical little containers...

All you have to do is customize them to transform them and give them a second life. Once decorated, they can have a multitude of uses.

Vases, flower pots, napkin rings, wine racks, decoration for Christmas, a wedding or Halloween...

We have selected for you the best DIYs to recycle your cans easily.

Here are 48 great recycling ideas to transform empty cans . Watch:

  • 1. In wine rack
  • 2. In rotating pencil holder
  • 3. In lanterns
  • 4. In drink holders for the garden
  • 5. In a decorated pencil holder
  • 6. In designer vase or toothbrush glass
  • 7. As a DIY alarm clock
  • 8. In cups
  • 9. In jars covered with postage stamps
  • 10. In a cake tin
  • 11. To make brown bread
  • 13. In mini-percussion
  • 14. In labels for plants
  • 15. As a wind chime
  • 16. Advent calendar
  • 17. As a desk organizer
  • 18. As a light fixture
  • 19. In crushed vase
  • 20. In hanging flower pots
  • 21. In robots for decoration
  • 22. In a little barbecue ready in 1 min
  • 23. In a fruit basket
  • 24. As a DIY placeholder
  • 25. In lampshade
  • 26. In Jack-O'lanterns
  • 27. In cork pencil holder
  • 28. Advent wreath
  • 29. In cookie cutters
  • 30. In pincushion
  • 31. In dented planters
  • 32. In storage for balls of yarn
  • 33. In pencil pots
  • 34. Windsock
  • 35. In wire-wrapped candle holders
  • 36. In cookie cutters
  • 37. As a bouquet of eternal flowers
  • 38. In a cute kitchen pot
  • 39. In vintage speakers
  • 40. In decorative sheets
  • 41. In napkin rings
  • 42. In a birdhouse
  • 43. Knitted
  • 44. In a pencil holder with a perpetual calendar
  • 45. In cans for the car of the newlyweds
  • 46. On strap
  • 47. As a soap dispenser
  • 48. In vintage vases

1. In wine rack

You don't know where to store your wine bottles ? This wine rack made with cans is both practical and original.

To do this, remove the two ends of the box, arrange them as you wish by stacking them. All that remains is to glue them.

If you want to add a layer of color, paint the cans before securing them together.

2. In rotating pencil holder

No more pencils lying all over the desk thanks to this rotating pencil holder .

Convenient for office organization!

Coat the cans with glue and cover them with recycled fabric. Then use wire to tie them around a larger box (a can of paint for example).

It is a very practical storage for brushes, pencils and other art supplies.

3. In lanterns

Pretty these little lanterns , right?

They are very easy to do. The simple trick is to freeze cans before cutting them.

Next, carefully cut S-shaped slits on the outside of the box.

Let the ice melt inside, and press gently on the can to have a rounded lantern shape.

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4. In drink holders for the garden

Convenient, isn't it? To have your favorite drink close at hand , fix the cans on rods about 70 cm.

Plant them in the ground. Then sit back and enjoy your drink!

5. In decorated pencil pot

Coat a tin can with glue then stick on a sheet of white paper.

Paint some marbles with nail polish in the color of your choice.

Or get colored beads. Then fix the balls with a hot glue gun to finalize your pencil pot .

Discover the tutorial here.

6. In designer vase or toothbrush glass

All you need is a good can opener to easily turn a can into a vase , a glass for toothbrushes or in boxes for tea and coffee.

The lids are by Jack Bresnahan.

7. As a DIY alarm clock

Attach feet to the side of a tin can. Two bottle caps do the trick!

Then paint the pot and the legs a color you like. Install the clock mechanism inside the box.

And that's it, you have a new alarm clock !

8. In cups

Love these coffee cups , right?

To make the same, bend old dessert forks into handles.

Then glue them to the sides of the cans you painted before.

9. In jars covered with postage stamps

Want to have unique flower pots?

Cover the outside of tin cans with fun, colorful postage stamps. Check out the trick here.

10. In a cake pan

Yes, it is possible to use a tin can to make a cake pan !

Here is a recipe for making a delicious cake. But I'm sure you can find many more.

11. To make brown bread

You can find an easy recipe for making brown bread by clicking here.

12. In storage for desk drawers

Are you tired of the mess in your drawers?

So, cut the cans in half to easily make storage for the office.

It's ideal for storing office supplies .

13. In mini-percussion

Fill empty cans with rice or lentils. Then with a pair of scissors, cut the end of a balloon.

Place it on the can (open side) and stretch it as far as possible to cover the top of the can. Secure it with a rubber band.

And here you are, you have made small homemade percussion .

With that and a pair of chopsticks, you have plenty to keep the kids busy for a while. See a full tutorial here.

14. In labels for plants

Cut strips from an aluminum can, then write the name of your plants on a sheet of paper.

Place the sheet on the aluminum strip and trace the letters on the aluminum strips.

Then cut the end into a point to be able to plant the labels in the ground . Discover the tutorial here, step by step.

15. As a wind chime

To make a beautiful colorful chime , paint boxes of different sizes.

Tie them together and hang them outside. That's it!

16. As an advent calendar

Have you thought about your advent calendar you? To make a homemade one, paint your cans red, drill holes in the sides.

Then add wire to make a handle and hang them on a piece of wood.

Then cut the numbers out of white self-adhesive vinyl sheets.

Stick the numbers on the boxes you fill with sweets and little Christmas messages.

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17. As a desk organizer

To store all the children's pens, markers and pencils, make them a desk organizer made to measure.

Cover your empty cans or paint cans with adhesive decorative paper (or use glue).

Stack the cans on their side and glue them together. Use larger boxes to store bulkier gear.

18. As a light fixture

To personalize your interior decoration , no need to spend a fortune! Simply paint cans in the color of your choice.

Drill a hole in the bottom of your box, insert a wire and attach an electrical socket in each. Hang them up and you're done!

And it's much cheaper than buying a pendant lamp .

19. In crushed vase

You find that these contemporary crushed vases s are a bit expensive?

So do them yourself. All you need is empty cans and white paint.

Gently crush the empty cans. Paint them white and fill them with flowers. Chic and trendy at the same time, while being economical!

20. In hanging flower pots

Fill the cans with flowers, then thread a thick chain on both sides of the can.

Hang the boxes turned into a flowerpot on a small beam.

It makes a great decoration for a wedding , right?

21. In robots for decoration

Decorate cans with electrical wire, hardware and other recyclables like disc magnets.

Use hot glue to hold them together and transform your tin can into a funny robot.

These fun little guys make a great decoration for a child's room !

22. In a little barbecue ready in 1 min

Cut strips all around the box. Spread the strips and cover them with a sheet of aluminum foil.

Put charcoal on the paper and place a grate on it.

And there you have it, you have made a mini barbecue in less than a minute to grill your sausages anywhere!

23. In fruit basket

Paint a tin can the same color as your plate.

Then use strong glue to attach the box to the bottom of the plate.

And there you have it, you have made a beautiful fruit basket or an original cake stand .

24. As a DIY placeholder

Spray gold paint on the tin cans, and choose a bright colored leaf that you put inside the tin can.

Use a stencil with a number printed on it and place it around each box. Then, drill small holes to make the outline and then the inside of the number.

Place a small candle inside for a great inexpensive party or wedding decoration.

Here you will find model numbers and the detailed tutorial.

25. In lampshade

Using cutting pliers, cut out the pattern of your choice on a tin can.

Then paint it. An electrical kit to finalize this lamp will be useful to you.

26. In Jack-O'lanterns

Make spooky faces on tin cans and put candles in them.

Great decoration for Halloween !

27. In cork pencil pot

Use stencils to paint animal silhouettes on cork sheet.

Then wrap and glue the cork around your tin cans to make pencil holders chic. Follow the tutorial in detail here.

28. Advent wreath

Decorate cans with paint and paper or ribbons.

Then connect them in a circle and hang them on your door.

Original as idea of ​​recycled decoration ', right?

29. In cookie cutters

You do not have cookie cutters to make the shape of your cookies? Don't panic!

Tin cans are the perfect size for cutting cookie dough .

Just remove the lid and the bottom of the box.

30. In pincushion

If you tend to lose your needles and pins when sewing, this pin cushion is made for you.

Cover a tin can with decorative paper, fill it with stuffing and cover it with fabric.

And there you have it, an adorable needlepoint cushion. Follow this tutorial for all the details.

31. In dented planters

You want to give style to your indoor garden ?

So, dent some tin cans a bit and paint them in pastel shades.

Fill them with soil and plant a bulb in them.

32. In storage for balls of yarn

Do you knit? Here is a super original storage for your balls of wool.

Fix the cans laterally on the wall to make a nice storage.

No more skeins lying around and tangling threads!

33. In pencil pots

To have original pencil pots , decorate the outside of the boxes with chalkboard paint.

Now you can easily label the contents of your pencil cups.

34. Windsock

Hang ribbons on the bottom of a cut-out tin can to have a windsock with a whimsical effect.

35. In wire-wrapped candle holders

It's simple, but beautiful! To have beautiful candle holders , wrap yarn around a tin can and place a candle inside.

For your garden parties, it makes great decorations ready in less than two minutes.

36. In cookie cutters

Make cookie cutters any shape you want by folding cut strips on the sides of tins or cans.

37. As a bouquet of eternal flowers

Cut strips from the sides of a tin can.

Roll them up on themselves to make roses and make a beautiful bouquet which will last much longer than real flowers.

All the steps to make these eternal flowers are explained here.

38. In a cute kitchen pot

On a scrap piece of fabric, embroider a kitchen utensil design.

Then cover the outside to dress a box to store your cooking utensils and easily. Check out this tutorial for more tips.

39. In vintage speakers

You don't have to be a tech savvy to make these home speakers .

Just follow the directions here.

40. In decorative sheets

Draw leaf shapes on the side of a can. And with cutting pliers, cut out leaves.

Drill a hole and hang them inside or outside the house. Here are some useful instructions for this DIY.

41. In napkin rings

Cover small cans with decorative paper to personalize the napkin rings of your guests . Easy, right?

42. In a birdhouse

Poke a hole in a large tin can and fill it with birdseed.

Place it in a tree to make a bird feeder .

All you have to do is be patient to enjoy the presence of birds in the garden.

43. Knitted

For those who are not comfortable with knitting needles, this knitting made in a can offers a simpler alternative. Follow the tutorial here.

44. In a pencil holder with a perpetual calendar

Create a calendar and storage at the same time.

For this you need card stock, paper, a ruler and a scalpel, glue, double-sided tape. All you have to do is follow the tutorial here.

45. In cans for the car of the newlyweds

Traditions are good! Use pretty ribbons to hang cans from each other.

And fix the string on the rear bumper of the car of the newlyweds .

46. On strap

Cut circles out of tin cans (or decorate them with pretty paper).

Drill holes and attach them with small metal rings to make a unique bracelet .

47. As a soap dispenser

Use an old pump to make a new soap dispenser.

48. In vintage vases

Collect pretty cans of soup like the ones Andy Warhol used for his works.

Clean them and spray paint the outside to make vintage vases . All you have to do is put flowers in it! The tutorial is here.

There you go, you now know how to turn your cans into useful objects or decoration.

Just do a little DIY to recycle these boxes into useful, practical and pretty objects.

One last tip for making greatDIY with cans ?

Invest in a good can opener that makes a smooth, non-sharp (not jagged) opening, like this one.

This allows you to eliminate the sharp edge of a can cleanly.

If not, feel free to file the edges with a metal file to remove sharp edges.