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8 Natural And Super Effective Tricks Against Aphids.

Are your plants or vegetables infested with aphids?

It's infuriating especially when you spend time taking care of it...

Grrrrrr, but what to do?

I have a good new ! It is easy to get rid of aphids without using chemicals.

Especially since commercial insecticides are not cheap and in addition are dangerous for your plants, animals and children.

Fortunately, here are 8 natural and effective tips to get rid of aphids quickly . Watch:

But by the way, what are aphids?

Aphids are very small insects that feed on plant sap. They are white, brown, gray or light green.

When there are a few, it is not serious, but they grow very quickly and become harmful.

It's easy to spot their damage. Suddenly, the leaves of the plant deform and are covered with a sticky substance (honeydew).

The honeydew produced by aphids attracts ants who love it and stimulate them to produce more... The vicious circle is on!

Aphids also bite the plant to suck the sap and mutilate it in thousands of places on the stem and leaves.

As a result, the plant ends up dying or catching lots of diseases, sometimes transmitted by the aphid itself.


1. The water jet

In the morning, spray the underside of the affected leaves with a stream of water that is not too powerful so as not to damage the plant. A spray gun helps to manage the flow well. The stream of water will dislodge the aphids from the plant and they will simply fall to the ground.

Feel free to squeeze the rod very lightly with two fingers. Then, move your fingers up towards the end of the rod to make them fall faster by crushing them.

Use this trick in the morning so the leaves dry in the sun during the day. Otherwise the plant can catch other diseases with fungi due to humidity.

2. Dishwashing liquid

Put 1/2 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle mixed with 1 liter of water. Spray affected areas and rinse well. This is a good tactic if the aphids are on a single plant, such as a rosebush for example.

3. Ladybugs

Buy and release ladybugs on aphid-infested areas. Yes, yes, you can really buy ladybugs for your garden! And you will only be happy:ladybugs love to eat aphids and will enjoy this buffet. And your children will be able to free them and contemplate them.

4. The garlic spray

Here is a perfect alternative for the defenders of biodiversity, because this spray does not kill aphids. In fact, this spray smells so strong that no bug wants to colonize this plant. Making this garlic repellent spray is really easy. Find out how here.

5. Neem oil

Neem oil is obtained from the seeds of the neem tree and is used for organic soaps and cosmetics. It is an insecticidal and antifungal oil, harmless if applied correctly. It is most often used for watering:the plant can then absorb it.

For this, mix 5 ml of neem oil per liter of water and a little black soap. Then spray the infested plants. Neem oil prevents aphids from feeding by smothering them and larvae from hatching. Pretty cool, isn't it?

6. Black soap

It is a safe, inexpensive and non-toxic way to control aphids, and it can be used right up to harvest. Insecticidal black soap is sold in garden centers. It smothers the aphids and, as a bonus, eliminates the honeydew that the aphids secrete by washing the leaves.

Don't use pure dishwashing liquid, it's too strong and will burn and kill the plants. Dilute the black soap according to the directions on the label and spray on the top and bottom of the leaves. You may need to repeat the operation in a week for the aphids to be completely eliminated.

7. Birds

Encourage insect-eating birds to visit your garden. Wrens, chickadees or common sparrows love to eat insects such as aphids. For this, set up a place with shrubs or a nest box, a nice feeder and a small container of water. The birds will come and also find something to satisfy their gluttony.

8. Companion plants and repellent plants

These are 2 effective natural tips to keep pests away from your vegetables. You can use either or both!

The first is to plant flowers that aphids like in another part of the garden. They will be attracted to these flowers instead of destroying your vegetables. Zinnias, dahlias, nasturtiums and cosmos are their favorites.

Above, we saw that aphids hate garlic. So why not plant garlic, chives or onions near your most delicate crops? Not only does this protect them, but you can also eat garlic and onions when they are ripe.

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Your turn...

Have you tried any of these tips for eliminating aphids in the garden? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can't wait to read you!