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Save Gas While on Vacation.

Here are some useful tips to save gas during the holidays and not spend time refueling.

As soon as the temperatures drop, especially when the sun goes down, don't forget to turn off the car's air conditioning to save up to 25% on fuel.

Then, regularly check the pressure of your tires because if they are under-inflated, it is the overconsumption of gasoline assured during the whole trip.

Last thing to think about once you arrive at your destination, is to remove the roof rack from your car to save up to 10% on fuel.


All these tips for the car will allow you to save gas easily without spending anything at the gas station.

These eco-driving tricks are easy to do and completely free. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of it, especially with the price of gas at the pump!

Want more gas-saving tips? Easy, don't put the air conditioning on when starting up and opt for a sun visor in the car.