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Do You Know How The Incredible White Vinegar Is Made?

White vinegar is definitely one of the best cleaners in the world.

But do you know how this transparent liquid is made?

In fact, it's the only vinegar that doesn't contain wine, cider or fruit of any kind.

Wondering if you can make it yourself?

In fact, if you try to make your own white vinegar at home, it will be of lower quality than store-bought ones.

Not to mention that its cost price will be significantly higher!

As you can see, there's really no point in trying to make your own homemade white vinegar.

Indeed, the manufacturing process of industrial white vinegar is fast and simple.

Every step has been optimized to achieve the best possible productivity at the lowest cost.

Made with beet sugar

White vinegar is made from beet sugar.

It is this type of sugar that provides the best yield at the most competitive price.

Indeed, beet sugar is produced on a very large scale. It is transformed into an alcohol concentrate that amounts to 95%.

Then it is modified to become acetic acid, as pure as possible.

The percentage of acidity indicated on the bottles of white vinegar indicates the proportion of acetic acid.

The degree of acidity of white vinegar is generally around 8%.

The most economical and ecological cleaner

No matter how hard we look, we still haven't found products cheaper than white vinegar!

It takes less than 50 cents for 1 liter of white vinegar. Cheap, right?

It's simply the cheapest natural cleanser out there.

For a product produced in industrial quantities, white vinegar remains a remarkably natural cleaner, respectful of health and the environment.

White vinegar is perfectly harmless, 100% biodegradable and releases no toxic fumes into the air.

This is far from the case with industrial cleaners found in supermarkets.

White vinegar is certainly the best ecological household product that exists.

The different names of white vinegar

If you want to buy white vinegar in the supermarket, know that it has different names.

You can find it under the name of crystal vinegar, alcohol vinegar or industrial vinegar.

Either way, don't worry, it's the exact same product inside the bottle!

And the price is about the same each time.

The trick for easily pouring white vinegar

When you buy a bottle of white vinegar, you inevitably wonder how to pour liquid easily.

To use it, simply cut off the tip that is on the plastic cap of the bottle.

Here's how:

It can be put pure or diluted in a vaporizer:it is even more practical to use than leaving it in the original bottle.

And just get an empty pschitt that you wash well. For example, a window cleaning spray works very well.

Our best white vinegar tips

Among all its qualities, white vinegar is the ideal weapon to remove limescale.

It is particularly effective for getting rid of tartar, making metal shine or giving your glasses back their transparency.

Tartar hates white vinegar because it doesn't give it a chance, especially if you heat it!

Multitasking, it is used for everything:it eliminates grease, removes germs and eliminates bad smells.

It's also tough on most stains.

If you don't like the smell of white vinegar, here's a simple trick to make it smell good.

It is for all these reasons that at, white vinegar is still our favorite cleaning product :-)