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47 Super Ingenious Uses of Rubber Bands. Don't miss #31!

Rubber elastics, we all have plenty of them in our drawers...

...without really knowing what to do with it.

And yet, they have many more uses than you might think!

When you've seen my 47 tips...

You'll never look at these little rubber bands the same way again.

Here's everything you can do with rubber bands:

1. Prevent tea bags from falling into the cup

If you drink bagged tea, you know that the string and tag often fall into the cup. To prevent this, use a simple rubber band. Surround the cup with it and slip the string between the cup and the elastic. No more tag fishing in the morning!

2. Make a beautiful manicure without overflow

To make a French manicure without overflowing, use a wide rubber band. Put the rubber band on your nail like a stencil, and apply the color to the nail that sticks out. Wait for it to dry before removing the elastic. Discover the trick here.

3. Squeeze paint from a brush

If you are painting, remember to wrap the pot with a large rubber band. It will allow you to put your brush on it. This way, the excess paint falls directly into the pot without getting everywhere. There will be no paint on the handle either. You can also "wring" the brush on the rubber band before painting. Check out the trick here.

4. Make stamps for kids

Cut pieces of elastic and glue them to toilet paper rolls. Give them different effects by arranging them in a variety of ways. It's a great DIY idea to keep the kids busy!

5. Prevent a door from closing

Want to prevent a door from slamming and closing? So hook a rubber band to the handles on either side of the door crossing it over the spout. Very practical if you have animals that come and go or for a move. Check out the trick here.

6. Easily open a bottle

Opening a small bottle is sometimes impossible, because you don't have a grip. But don't bother throwing the bottle away! To remedy this, just wrap a rubber band on the lid, to get a good grip. This trick also works with bottles or large flasks.

7. Prevent an apple from turning black

You prepare sliced ​​apples in advance for a picnic or for a recipe. So they may darken quite quickly. To avoid this, reconstruct the apple and hold it with a rubber band. Check out the trick here.

8. Save space in the suitcase

Do you need a genius trick to save space in your suitcase? Roll the t-shirts and underwear together and hold them together with a rubber band. It will help you save space in your suitcases.

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9. Reseal food packets easily

It's simple and extremely effective! If you haven't finished a packet of chips or cookies, seal it tightly with a rubber band. This helps preserve the food and keep it crisp.

10. Make a non-slip glass for children

The glasses are sometimes a little slippery for small children's hands. To avoid drama, put some rubber bands around the glass to have a "grip" effect. Little fingers will no longer slip on the glass. Check out the trick here.

12. Decorate glasses for an aperitif

Want a pretty decoration on your glasses for a special occasion? Take a colored rubber band and put it around the glasses. You can slip flowers or any other decoration that will hold without problem.

13. Save products sold in pump bottles such as soap

Do your children also tend to press like crazy on pump bottles such as liquid soap or shower gel? There is a simple and effective trick to solve this little problem. To avoid wasting product, wrap a rubber band around the "neck" of the pump. This makes it possible to limit the quantity of product dispensed. Check out the trick here.

14. Prevent the cutting board from slipping on the worktop

If your cutting board tends to slip on the work surface, put two rubber bands on each side. There you go, no more slipping. It's still more practical like that, isn't it?

15. Make jeans that are too tight

If you ate a little too much or are pregnant, you may need to open the button on the jeans. But to prevent it from opening completely, slip a rubber band through the buttonhole and hook it to the button. Check out the trick here.

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16. Make a car holder for your phone

Need to fit your smartphone in the car? Just hang it with a rubber band passed through the dashboard ventilation grille. Check out the trick here.

17. Compartmentalize the toothglass

You can create your compartmentalized toothbrush holder by putting rubber bands like in the photo around your glass. Super practical to put the toothbrushes of the family without them touching.

18. Prevent clothes from slipping off hangers

It's not always easy to keep strappy tops and tank tops in place on a hanger. To remedy this, run a rubber band over both ends of the hanger. Thanks to this trick, no more clothes falling off as soon as you touch the hanger! Check out the trick here.

19. Create beautiful custom lanterns

Wrap rubber bands on empty glass jars to form stencils. Paint them to your liking. Let dry before removing the elastics to have these pretty effects.

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20. Put a mark on the sewing machine

If you're using a sewing machine, put on a rubber band to help you sew straight. Easy and very practical for those who like to sew.

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21. Keep a book tightly closed when traveling to avoid damaging it

If you're taking a heavy book with you on a trip, don't forget to wrap it in a heavy rubber band. That way, it won't open and the pages won't be damaged and cornered in transport. In addition, it also serves as a bookmark!

22. Use a rubber band to remove a screw in poor condition

Do you need to remove a screw that is seized up or in poor condition? The screwdriver slips on it? Put a rubber band between the screw and the screwdriver to act as an anti-slip. Check out the trick here.

23. Create measurements on cocktail glasses

At a party, don't you want your guests to get tipsy too quickly? Here is a great tip to limit alcohol consumption. Arrange rubber bands around the bottom of the glasses to act as a measure. In addition, it can allow you to recognize your glass. Handy, right?

24. Make a bouncy ball

It's easy to make a bouncing ball yourself. It's so easy that kids can make it too. Take a ping-pong ball for example and start by surrounding it with small tight rubber bands to leave no space. Then increase the size of the rubber bands and repeat the operation, making sure to put them in all directions. Decorate the ball with some colored rubber bands to finish.

25. Create a sticky note board

This sticky note board is so cute! To make it, take a small board (or a photo frame) and decorate it with rubber bands of different colors. Decorate it to your liking. Once finished, you can drag photos, notes, your bus tickets, a letter to post...

26. As a camera or phone holder

Use a wide rubber band to secure your camera or phone to something like a tripod. You can also attach it to a chair leg, an umbrella, the uprights of your tent...

27. Plug small holes in a garden hose

Don't have a large, sticky roll of tape to plug a small hole in your garden hose? So twist a tight rubber band over the hole while you wait.

28. Create pretty costume jewelry

It was all the rage for the children, 2 years ago. But take inspiration from this to create pretty colorful costume jewellery.

29. Open a stuck jam jar

Place a fairly wide rubber band around the lid of the jam jar. It helps to have a better grip to successfully open it. This also works for bottles.

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30. Hold the shower caddy

You have noticed ? The shower caddy slips all the time! To block it, just wedge it with a small rubber band that will allow it to stay in place. Simple and practical, isn't it?

31. Prevent the spoon from slipping in the pan

Twist a small rubber band around the handle of your spoon. This will prevent him from slipping in the pan. No more having the handle!

32. Prevent Apple Remote From Slipping

Is your Apple TV remote still slipping on the couch? It's true that they are so small... To avoid this, put a fairly wide rubber band on the end of the remote control. Not only will it no longer slip, but you will also see it more easily!

33. Hold a pan lid during transport

Don't want the pan lid not opening during transport? Pass a rubber band between the handle of the lid and that of the pan. And repeat the operation for the other handle of the pan. And that's it, no more food spilling in the car;) Discover the trick here.

34. Turn pages faster

How do you turn the pages of a book or file quickly without getting your finger wet? Put a small rubber band on the tip of your index finger. You will be able to turn the pages quickly thanks to this seizing effect. In addition, it avoids micro-cuts because of the paper.

35. Create a homemade catapult for children

Here's a fun idea for kids. You can build a homemade catapult with a spoon, large pliers, rubber bands and a wooden stick. Guaranteed fun with the children!

36. Make a beautiful floral decoration

Do you like this pretty, very modern floral decoration with small bouquets neatly arranged in a vase? To make it, just hold them with a small green rubber band on the stems. Then, arrange each bouquet in a rectangular vase.

37. Decorating Easter Eggs

Wrap rubber bands of different widths over the Easter eggs as a stencil. Then paint them with the colors of your choice. Wait for it to dry to remove the rubber bands. And There you go ! Super easy to make with children.

38. Secure child-accessible cupboards

Some cupboards contain dangerous products that we would like to keep out of the reach of children. To do this, wrap a large rubber band around the two cabinet handles. The little ones won't be able to open the cupboard thanks to this homemade system. And it is much cheaper than those sold in stores. Check out the trick here.

39. Easily store ribbon spools

To keep the ribbons in place on their spool, pass a flat rubber band around the spool. Thus, they will no longer unfold in the storage boxes!

40. Store extension cords easily

Cables that are too long, chargers with an excess of wire... That spoils your decor! So hold them together with a rubber band. Not only is it more aesthetic, but it also saves you space... And it's more practical when the wires no longer get tangled!

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41. Give a tie-dye effect to a t-shirt

Take the garment to be dyed and put it in a tight ball. Hold everything together with several tight rubber bands. Put the garment in the dye then remove the rubber bands to dry. You will discover a beautiful homemade tie-dye effect! Economical and fun.

42. Get a better grip on a pencil

Some pencils are not easy to grip:too small, slippery... To remedy this, wrap a rubber band around the grip area of ​​the pencil. Not only does it make writing easier, but it can also be used to hang it on a board, for example.

43. Easily store a tape measure

Simply roll up the tape measure and hold it in place with a small rubber band. So it will be easy to store and won't unroll anymore.

44. Make a duck with rubber bands without a machine

In the style of crochet stuffed animals, you can also make figurines (here a duck) in rubber bands. Tutorial here.

45. Add a handle to your camera

To add a handle to your camera, thread a rubber band through the small notch on the side. Convenient for children on vacation.

46. Hang posters on a pole

To hang hangers on a post, wrap a rubber band around them and add a paper clip.

47. As a telephone headset

The funniest thing for last:the homemade mobile headset. When your conversation with your mother never ends and you want to keep your hands free, here is THE solution. Stuck the phone in a rubber band passed around your head. Well, it's not to be done too often, because the waves of the telephone are not terrible for the brain. Better to use a headset like this.