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10 Tips to make household chores more fun

We all have it sometimes:the house is a mess and you really need to work on it. But alas, you really don't feel like it and even less time. That's why I'm sharing 10 tips to make household chores more fun.

Why you are afraid of housework and cleaning

There are of course many reasons why you are hesitant not to do the household or postpone that cleaning job. The most common reasons are:

  • Fatigue (which is very logical, for example, if you have small children who do not yet sleep throughand you sleep too little)
  • Cleaning or tidying up seems like a huge job (which you dread)
  • You're tired of having to tidy up or clean for everyone (especially if you're the one doing most of the work around the house)
  • You just finished and it's already a mess
  • Busy (it doesn't matter whether you are a full-time stay at home mother or work, as mothers we all run out of time and then there are better things to think of than having to tidy up or clean)
  • Overwhelmed (you are overwhelmed by the thought of all the work you have to do, causing you to shut up and do nothing at all)

10 Tips to make the household more fun

Fortunately, you are not the only one who now and then dreads getting started at home. Even if you don't have children, housework can be something you'd rather not do or dread. With all the consequences that entails, because with delay comes adjustment and before you know it your house is a big mess. That's why I'm sharing 10 tips to make household chores more fun. Which method works best for you is up to you and your roommates.

1. In the first instance, clean for yourself

That's a tricky one, especially if you're the one who likes to keep everything neat and clean. So don't get annoyed by roommates who may be a bit messier or take it a little less closely with cleaning. Clean up for yourself first. Clean the house, because you want to stay in a clean and tidy environment. With this attitude it becomes a lot easier to clean and keep tidying up, even if the rest of the housemates do less.

2. Start small

If you are overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done, it is advisable to start with something small. Don't go mad all over the house and do something here and then something there. As a result, the chaos becomes even greater and you lose the overview completely. Even a big job is not convenient. Start with something small like reorganizing your wardrobe or get a drawer that takes care of you. Cleaning up small things every time also ensures that you create an overview and that you feel like tidying up and cleaning (to keep it tidy).

3. Start early (in the morning)

It is best to do everything that you dread doing as early as possible. That also applies to cleaning and tidying up. Start your day with this, then you will also have the most energy. If necessary, keep it limited to, for example, an hour. Then you have the rest of the day to spend on other things. Moreover, it is simply a lot more pleasant to work and live if your environment is clean and tidy.

4. Set up a cleaning and tidying schedule

This works for couples as well as families. How exactly you make that schedule is entirely up to you. Some like to take an entire day to clean and tidy everything in one go, so they don't have to worry about it for the rest of the week. Others like to spend a certain amount of time each day cleaning and tidying up. This is just a scan and find out what works best for you.

Working with a time block often works very well. This way you won't be overwhelmed by the time you spend cleaning and tidying up. You know where you stand. And in the end you will be surprised how much work you get done in, for example, 1 – 2 hours.

Do you have children? Then it is good to involve your children in the household at an early stage. The older your children, the more tasks they can give you. A schedule and making appointments also work very well for children.

5. Make it a game

This is especially a tip for families:make tidying and cleaning a game. Use a timer and see who cleaned up the fastest. Of course, a timer also works for yourself. This prevents you from cleaning up for longer than planned (on the other hand:sometimes you prefer to continue, especially if you are in a certain flow).

6. Organize your stuff

A tidy house means a tidy mind. If you know where you keep all your stuff, you also save time looking for anything and everything. Provide well-arranged cupboards, organize the drawers neatly and make sure you always know where everything is. Do you have a rubbish bin? Make sure you clean up this container about once a month and give everything in the container a place.

7. Listen to music or follow podcasts

There is nothing more boring than tidying up or cleaning in a quiet house. Put on your favorite music, grab your cleaning supplies and get to work. Dancing with the broom in hand? Why not? No one will see you and you will see that it gives you energy and that cleaning immediately becomes a lot more fun. The same goes for singing along to your favorite artist out loud (no need to wait until you're in the shower). Of course you can also just put on your headphones and listen to a podcast. Or kill two birds with one stone and learn a language or take another course while you take care of your house.

8. Involve your roommates/family

You may be the neatest in the house or the one who does the most, but it doesn't hurt to involve your roommate(s), your partner or children. Make tidying and cleaning an event for everyone in the house. The more hands, the easier the work. In addition, you can agree that when everything is ready you will eat together or reward your partner with something else. It is also advisable for children to reward them every now and then for when they have done extra work. On the other hand, it is also part of the upbringing and they have to learn that this is part of life.

9. Don't look at the work, but the result

If you are so busy, it can sometimes happen that you lose motivation. Then it is important to keep the end result in mind. How nice is it if you can take a nice warm bath after cleaning in a clean bathroom? Or how nice is it if your overflowing wardrobe is organized in a clear way and you don't have to turn everything upside down to find that one nice sweater?

10. Reward yourself

Let's be honest:if you are rewarded for something, working is much easier and more fun. Feel free to reward yourself if you have done nothing but cleaning and tidying up for a whole day or a block. This reward can vary from a fresh cup of coffee to shopping for that one nice set that you now have the space for. Or reward yourself by ordering food somewhere or buy a nice flower for the table. Agreeing a reward with yourself in advance is a good motivation to get started.

Do you still look forward to it? Then these 10 simple tips for a clean and tidy house might help you.

What do you do to motivate yourself to clean and tidy up?