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Air pollution control by plants

Article taken from the Delbard website. As it is well done, I have not retouched anything! it's lazy ... Yes I know I'm swollen!
Indoor plants are good for your health!

It's scientifically proven, plants are depolluting . A NASA researcher is working on this subject, and in France, the Center Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment in Nantes is continuing this research work. So you have no reason to deprive yourself of their beneficial effects, both for physical and moral health.

Some reduce, thanks to their metabolism, chemical substances found in the materials that make up our apartments:paints, glues, furniture, floor coverings, Placoplâtre, particle boards... They also absorb harmful substances from cleaning products. . Others neutralize the waves emitted by computers and countless remote controls. Cacti, for example, reduce the harmful effects of television screens. They produce oxygen at night and release carbon dioxide during the day (unlike other plants ):share your room with them.

Each plant has a different power , some being more active than others:vary the species.

For a healthy home, adopt around twenty different plants (ficus, chlorophytum, philodendron, spatiphyllum, draceana, ivy, ferns, poinsettia, azalea, cyclamen…).

They also act as a humidifier.

And don't forget to ventilate, every day, for at least an hour, even in winter. Here you have the keys to the right balance to live fully and healthily in your home!

What I think

Plants good for health? it's not from today... Plants were on the earth before us. If it was bad for the man, you wouldn't be reading these lines that I wouldn't have written. But since now it's scientifically proven...