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Treasure chest

Materials and tools:

5 small matchboxes (all the same size)
hot glue
E-6000 glue
decorative paper
craft painting
Glue stick
measuring tape
1 yd. headband
5 small beads or pearls (small enough to fit in the front of the matchbox "drawers")


1. Remove the inside section of the matchbox drawer and paint the front, back and side edges. Let dry. Using E-6000 glue, glue a bead or pearl to the center of each drawer front to form a small knob.

2. Paste the boxes in a stack.

3. Measure the width of the matchbox stack; measure around the stack to find its length. Add 1/4" to the length measurement.

4. Cut a strip of decorative paper to the measurements; glue the paper around the stack of matchboxes. Wrap the stack with ribbon and tie a bow at the top.

5. Embellish the treasure chest with additional charms and beads as desired.