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This is how you live Scandinavian!

Are you a fan of Scandinavian living? Or do you want some more Scandinavian influences in your interior, but you are not sure how? I would like to give you some tips about this living style and some examples of beautiful products that fit well within a Scandinavian living style. Is your house already a source of inspiration for many others who want to apply a Scandinavian style? Feel free to send us a photo of your living room or any other room in your home so we can share even more inspiration here.

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9 tips to apply scandinavian-living in your home

The Scandinavian living style has a number of very clear features:

  • The use of light colours, mostly pastel shades, combined with white (and sometimes black)
  • Natural elements are incorporated into the interior in Scandinavian living
  • Use airy furniture with fine lines

Any idea why you see so many light colors in this living style? This has to do with the fact that it is much darker in Scandinavia than in the Netherlands. The number of sun and light hours per day is significantly less here and the use of pastel colors and white makes the interior lighter 'automatically'. The natural elements that are processed and the wood that is used is also of a light color. Oak, for example, is a common light wood that you see in this style.

Another advantage of using these light colors is that the room in which you have applied Scandinavian living quickly appears larger and more spacious.

Use light colors in the house with a Scandinavian living style; from walls to carpet

Good. So light colors. Depending on your family composition, you can see which light colors you want to use and in which products and materials. A white rug may not be so useful if you have small children. But a nice light mottled wool rug is fine.

Choose your battles they sometimes say when it comes to parenting. However, that is also how I feel when it comes to your interior. Are you crazy about the style of Scandinavian living but do you have small children? Then do not opt ​​for a completely white interior. As beautiful as it is, it is not necessary to keep everything clean. So, for example, opt for white walls and possibly white dining room chairs, but then of a variant that you can easily clean. And then work with a rug that matches the Scandinavian style.

Tip:a white sofa is really not useful with small children. Choose a gray sofa that fits perfectly with this living style in a modern version. Absolutely beautiful!

Add natural elements

As mentioned, natural elements are also frequently found in Scandinavia. You can make it come back in a variety of ways. For example, in lamps where you work with a wooden stand. And what do you think of this cool radiator conversion that you can make yourself?

Of course you respond to this trendy living style with a light wooden floor, but if you opt for a concrete look floor, for example, you can easily create a living style with a Scandinavian look and feel, no problem! Combine it with a nice rug in style and you're done.

Use of airy furniture in Scandinavian living

Choose furniture that emphasizes the spatial feeling. Rather a coffee table that has an open structure at the bottom as you can see above and a nice armchair that you can still see underneath than a bulky piece of furniture. You often see thin table tops and slender legs when living in a Scandinavian style. Or think, for example, of rattan lamps that you can see through or those glass balls. The latter also give a very spatial effect.

Ps… we also have the carpet in the photo above. This is what I meant above with a mixed woolen rug. You can't see everything on it, and because of the natural materials it is also easy to keep clean.

Combining natural tones in this living style

Above we already talked about natural elements by adding light wood. You can add to this that natural tones also fit in with living in Scandinavian atmospheres. Earth tones (preferably light) such as beige and terra can be combined very well with the white and gray in this living style.

Less is more

A concept that I sometimes have a bit of trouble with because I also love to have fun. And because I like so many things beautiful 😉 . But it's true... living in Scandinavia also means that you don't have to 'crowd' your house. Make sure you leave room to move in your interior as well. The same space you feel around you in the Scandinavian countries. By furnishing with an eye for detail and not adding too many accessories, you preserve the tranquility that characterizes this living style.

Clean lines is key in Scandinavian living

Combine clean lines within this living style with beautiful warm materials. With this you contribute to Scandinavian living, but you also ensure cosiness at home. Think, for example, of clean lines in your furniture, but of comfy cushions in your teddy fabric sofa. Or a beautiful interplay of lines in your pillow or rug (as below), that is of course also possible. By the way, the rug below (photo credits @Tapeso) is still on my wishlist for the office and in the chill area. So beautiful!

Plants are allowed again, also in a Scandinavian interior!

A trend that makes me very happy, more plants in the house! Fortunately, this trend also fits perfectly in a Scandinavian interior and it also promotes your living happiness. When adding plants, consider, for example, a pancake plant, a monstera or a beautiful large tobacco plant, one of the trendy living room plants of the moment.

With a Scandinavian living style you can go in many directions

Do not think that with this living style you are stuck to one pattern. Take a look at Pinterest and search for Scandinavian living there. Bet you come across a lot of different living rooms? And that's great, because you can immediately see that you can probably have this living style fit into your own interior without having to replace all your current furniture. That is also impossible to do!

Keep an eye on your color palette

A tip that you should not forget… keep an eye on your color palette. Have you used a number of colors in your living style? Like, for example, white, gray and pastel shades? Keep that in mind when you go shopping for new accessories or furniture and try to think in these colors. Do you see very cool accessories that are not in the right color? With an aerosol by color you can provide them with your color palette in no time! I recently did this myself with a number of accessories and now they are completely in style again 😉 .