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These are the wallpaper trends of 2019!

With the winter season drawing to a close and spring approaching, it's time to refresh your home. It doesn't have to be big, even small adjustments can have an immediate effect. A beautiful new wallpaper can give an interior a great, new look. The collections of Eijffinger wallpaper are highly recommended. View the wallpaper trends of 2019 here!

Living Color the new neutral
For fans of millennial pink, there's a new color, and it has a similar look and feel to this old favorite. A combination of orange and pink, Living Color has been predicted by Pantone as the color for 2019. This shade is ideal for those who like to experiment with color but are wary of choosing something that might be too overwhelming.

Natural materials
Natural materials have been in for a while and we will see them again this year. Think of wallpaper that looks like worn brick, wood, bark or rough stone and you have an idea. This wallpaper is all about capturing the charm of natural raw materials to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. They can look great in the right setting and create a relaxed atmosphere.

These are the wallpaper trends of 2019!

Tropical Exotic
Another movement in decors is a transition from minimalism and a return to maximalism.
This can be clearly seen in the abundance of botanically inspired designs. The Tropic Exotic look is a trend that is inspired by the lush tropical flora and fauna. For those who want to line their walls with flowers, banana palms, ferns, flamingos and all sorts of tropical things, there are a number of collections to tempt you.

Geometric Shapes
If your taste is less tropical and more contemporary, geometric shapes are a must for wallpaper. Since the patterns tend to be small and detailed, on a white background they look impressive in smaller spaces. For larger areas, be bold.

Stripes return to modern wallpaper designs in 2019. We see both classic stripes in today's colors and refreshing new patterns. If you want something that will make your walls more interesting, but without too much color, opt for a graphic gray and white stripe. For something more fun, but not too obvious, consider modern wallpaper with green, pink and white stripes. This will add a touch of luxury to any room while also helping you introduce colors. Stripes also evoke a merged feel when paired with soft neutrals, perfect for creating a warming and inviting space.

These are the wallpaper trends of 2019!

Dark Patterns
Not everything has to be light and bright, and the same goes for wallpaper trends for 2019. Dark walls are a trend, and a surefire way to make a stylish statement in your home for the new year. However, dark walls don't have to be boring! Instead of an all-black wall, which is likely to overpower your room, opt for black, blue, or green patterned wallpaper in a neutral color on one wall instead. It instantly transforms the space into a bold, eye-catching yet glamorous room.