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FORMATS 2, the sequel!

Yes, at Scenolia, we specialize in large format. But we also offer smaller formats, in tables for example.

Presentation of DECO tables:

Size of the decorative paintings offered on the site, from small to large format:
from 40x40 cm up to 150x150 cm (square format painting) and 200x140 cm (rectangular format painting, 2 meters for the width!).
Between each, there are plenty of formats (homothetic or not).

Let's welcome Gertrude :) who presents the formats of the plexiglass painting :FORMATS 2, the sequel!

Then the paintings on canvas :(Thanks Germain)

FORMATS 2, the sequel!

(A small table will be delivered ready to hang, but for obvious transport problems, paintings in larger formats are delivered as a kit. The installation of the frame and the canvas is done very simply and quite quickly. The presentation videos are present on the site and on the various product pages of our online store. If you have any questions about the formats of our tables, do not hesitate to send us a small - or a large - message.)

You will therefore (surely) (for sure) find your happiness in our (diversified) products, to decorate your (pretty!) home.

The article on PANORAMIC formats is here!