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How to unclog a drain? 2 Effective and Cheap Tips.

Are your drains clogged?

Wait a bit before calling a plumber!

There are various simple, effective and less expensive ways to unclog a drain.

Follow our tips and you'll know everything you need to do to unclog your pipes without spending too much.

First of all, prevention is better than cure. Then it will be enough to use water and a ferret to overcome a clogged pipe.

  • 1. Prevention with coffee grounds
  • 2. Effective remedies:ferret and water
  • Real savings

1. Coffee grounds prevention

This is our first tip:every day, get rid of coffee grounds not in the trash, but by emptying them into your drains.

As it flows, the marc will drain with it the many impurities of your pipes.

2. Effective remedies:ferret and water

Unclog your pipes with boiling water that you simply pour into the hole. This is the simplest solution.

Another effective trick:buy a ferret. It's a flexible rod with spikes at the end that you rotate into the space that's clogged. This clears the blocking detritus.

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Finally, you have the garden hose. Introduce the pipe into your pipe, then send the water and the pressure flushes out the elements that block the pipe.

Real savings

Of all the tricks we offer to unclog your drain, the most expensive will be the ferret:just a few euros.

In total, it represents a very small expense just to unclog your pipe, compared to what you would have spent on a plumber or unclogging products.

Otherwise, all the other tricks will cost you almost nothing. It is therefore a great saving made by using our tips. It's fun!