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The 4 cleaning products that everyone should have at home.

What if I cleaned my entire house with only 4 ecological products and which in addition cost three times nothing?

Our grandmothers are baba (at least mine)!

Vinegar, baking soda, black soap and lemon are enough for me to clean my whole apartment.

My grandmother often repeats to me:"Black soap, nothing like it to degrease." Yes Granny!

We listen to her and we take her on the spot for a weirdo who is aging and who is no longer so demanding on cleanliness.

However, she is right! Tested, these 100% eco-friendly products are now essential to me!

1. White vinegar, my greatest vintage

To be vinaigrolique, or not to be... Vinegar stinks, it's sour, but as I'm very tolerant, I gave it a chance. And I did well. To degrease and disinfect my windows and mirrors, it is perfect.

It softens my laundry and, to let it do its thing despite its smell, I dope it with essential oils before sending it into the whirlpool of the machine. It is also excellent for descaling my faucets, or removing a good number of stains (I am the queen of it!).

In the end, I found small places for him to make him feel at home. It easily replaces the rinse aid in my dishwasher, washes my carpet, deodorizes and repels pests. It's the Meursault of maintenance!

2. Bicarbonate, my little white fairy

Baking soda effectively neutralizes most unpleasant odors. A smell of barback? No no. Smelly shoes? No more :). It also impeccably degreases my hobs, softens and whitens my clothes (1 tablespoon with each rinse), disinfects my carpets if I sprinkle them.

But where he will always amaze me is how quickly he descales my kettle, my washing machine, my dishwasher (everything!). And finally, it whitens my teeth ( :D That's why I smile all the time). A small white powder which I am not afraid of drug addiction and which fills me with happiness.

As a cleaner, I make a paste of baking soda slightly diluted in water, and I spread it on the surface to be cleaned. Short break to let it work (it's time to make a rail for my teeth while waiting) and (once my express whitening is finished) I rinse. It's like scouring cream, but 100% natural.

3. My little black soap

Black soap paste is my Aleppo soap's best friend in my bathroom. We have fun all 3. A little weekly exfoliation, a little care for my hair. Thank you friends!

Liquid black soap is rather in competition with vinegar and baking soda. I am his most faithful friend. It makes me feel good since it effectively degreases my oven when my salmon papillottes have a leak, my hood when it has been attacked by the smells of my culinary antics.

It also stains my tiles, strips the oil paint when I prefer to paint my pants rather than the canvas, it cleans my windows and in addition to cleaning, it makes my house shine and protects! I can count on him, but at the same time, it's normal, he's my friend.

4. Essential oils, scents of pleasure

In addition to perfuming my household products, essential oils (or in the jargon:HE) have great properties. Disinfectants for some, antibacterial for others, purifying, fungicidal, sanitizing etc. Lemon, cinnamon, lavender, clove, eucalyptus? Sometimes I don't know where to turn.

My bible to manufacture my products

Raffa is the specialist in ecological and economical cleaning. I got the full guide to her "magic" home maintenance recipes from her blog. A very complete guide, very fun and frankly practical to print and add to your library or to offer... to Grandma!

If you think of other uses for these products in maintenance, do not hesitate to tell me in the comments. I'm a taker!

Savings achieved

Cost of vinegar:less than €1 per liter (one liter is enough for a month of cleaning)

Cost of baking soda:less than €7 per kilo (monthly use:around 250g)

Cost of black soap:around €5 per liter (use less than 1/2 liter per year)

Cost of essential oils:from €5 to €10 per bottle (consumption varies according to use)

TOTAL:House maintenance for less than €25 per year, economical, no?