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The Foolproof Trick For Germinating Seeds In Your Garden.

The Foolproof Trick For Germinating Seeds In Your Garden.

When you sow seeds in your garden, you want them to grow as soon as possible.

Whether grass, tomatoes or any other kind of plants...

There are two reasons that could prevent them from growing.

1. Let the birds eat them when you have just sown them.

2. That the weather is not favourable:too cold, too hot, too dry.

Fortunately, there are tricks to germinate vegetable seeds faster.

With our trick, you will be able to sow seeds by limiting these 2 risks as much as possible.

Here is the infallible trick to easily germinate vegetable seeds. Watch:

The Foolproof Trick For Germinating Seeds In Your Garden.

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How to

1. Sow the seeds.

2. Water them.

3. Cover them with 3 or 4 sheets of newspaper.

4. Arrange stones on the 4 corners of each sheet.


There you go, your seeds will germinate quickly :-)

Simple, practical and effective to boost seedlings!

And besides, it's super economical.

Another additional and significant advantage of this trick...

The seeds will germinate much faster. Don't forget to remove the newspaper as soon as the first shoots come out of the ground.

Be careful, because they will grow very quickly. The germination time of household seeds is faster.

You will be able to sprout bean seeds faster.

But it also works for basil, potatoes, peppers, grass, sesame or lemon...

Now you know how to speed up the growth of seedlings!

Don't forget to put the stones on the leaves. This way, the newspaper stays in place despite the wind.

Why does it work?

If it's too hot, the paper will absorb the heat.

And when it gets too cold? Well, the paper will serve as a cover to prevent the earth from freezing too quickly.

Newsprint will also absorb moisture. He will keep it to allow good germination. And this, even when the weather is dry.

Birds will no longer be able to eat the seeds that will be covered.

Additional advice

Choose uncolored newsprint sheets.

Why ? Because some color inks contain heavy metals.

With the rain, these could seep into the ground. Better to avoid this pollution when you make your own vegetable garden!

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