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Well-being:5 tips for taking time for yourself

My tips for taking time for yourself

I'm back today for a new lifestyle and well-being article. Following my article "5 tips to feel better", you bounced back to one of my tips in particular, which is take time for yourself . Following that, you wanted 5 new tips on this theme. I admit that it took me a while to write this article, because I did not really know how to introduce it.

Finally, I chose to do it for you in a very simple way. By presenting my tips for thinking about yourself and only to yourself. And believe me sometimes it feels good! While being generous and altruistic is important (in my eyes especially), sometimes we have to know how to show a touch of selfishness for our own good and not to "forget ourselves". I hope my advice will be useful to you.

Let go, be spontaneous!

This first piece of advice should be taken with moderation. If you know a little you know that I am anything but the spontaneous girl . I hate doing things at the last moment, the unexpected etc... It even tends to annoy me a little bit. You may have noticed it in my stories on Instagram:when I am invited to a blogger event the day for the next day, I systematically refuse on principle.

In short, sometimes you have to force yourself a little. If you're like me, a little organization nerd and control:be spontaneous about small things . An example:you are going to finish your day, instead of going home in your plan-plan routine, once in a while treat yourself and hang around a bit ! Go shopping for two or three times, have a coffee (alone or with a girlfriend), or just go for a walk (or play sports).

It doesn't matter what it is, but the main thing is to find an activity that will allow you to relax a few minutes and break your routine . I assure you that it really works! We are sometimes too lazy to move, but we have to take it upon ourselves. Sometimes I go for a walk in town for no reason, I have nothing to do but I stroll . I go into a few shops and have a coffee before going home quietly. Then I say to myself "Cooking will wait , we are not going to starve. Wash my hair too, I'll do that later." Let go!

Take care of yourself and cocoon yourself

This is pretty universal advice. but that has proven itself and works very well for me! Taking care in the truest sense of the word is important. The well-being of the mind also depends on that of the body. I try once a week to take the time to do things well :face and body exfoliation, mask, care, hair, hydration. I often choose Sunday evenings because it allows me to relax and to approach Monday morning more serenely.

It's also a way to feel clean and invigorated for the week ahead. I know that it is not necessarily easy for everyone to free up time for this (especially if you have children). But try to take at least an hour to complete this little ritual . It will becomea habit as you go.

Learn to say "no"

This third piece of advice lies in knowing how to say "no" . Know how to refuse proposals that could hinder your serenity. This is not necessarily negative, on the contrary, but sometimes you have to weigh the pros and cons. I'll give you a few examples:you have a ton of things to do tonight (work, studies, cleaning, paperwork...) that are painful but important and your boss asks you to stay longer to complete a task that can clearly wait until the next day:say no.

You are not under an obligation to be on all fronts to the detriment of your commitments or even your desires personal. Obviously, it is always more delicate with the example of work.

It can also be of the order of leisure :you have planned your sushi/TV/manicure evening, your moment of the week and your colleagues/girlfriends are nagging you to go out for a drink:say no. But if you want, of course, say yes. But if it becomes an opposite and you only want to please your girlfriends, think for two minutes and think that you may be frustrated at the end of the evening.

Of course, a "no" is not definitive , it is sometimes difficult to express a refusal in front of others (fear of rejection, of hurting, of offending). Always try to offer another alternative to your "no" (another evening, etc.). I hope I was clear enough to express my thoughts on this advice.

Become the queen of the organization

The best time to have time for yourself is to get organized . Personally, it comes very naturally for me . I don't even need to have 40 calendars and Google alerts, it's usually all in my head. Even though I write down a lot on my phone and use the reminder feature a lot .

Because I'm afraid of forgetting things, even if it rarely happens. However, I know that not everyone is like that. I therefore advise you to invest in a diary (Preferably pretty, it will make you want to use it). And get used to using it. You're going to have to really force yourself at first if you're not used to it. But just like the skincare routine, it will quickly become natural. And it avoids the mental burden .

Write everything down, organize your time work as your free time. And above all, free up time slots in your week to do activities that you like (or spontaneous activities). For the past few months, I have always tried to balance my schedule so that I have at least one "free" evening during the week. I refuse invitations to events if necessary (sometimes I have two events in the same evening, several days in the week). I optimize my time by grouping my tasks on the same day rather than on several. In short, I organize myself according to my needs &my desires.

Take time for yourself:Know how to delegate

And why not ? Again, I'm one of those people who think "if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself". I have trouble delegating tasks and I prefer to fend for myself. However, sometimes you have to know how to trust others and ask for help if you need it.

Do not hesitate to ask a colleague to make this photocopy for you if you see that she has time and that this will allow you not to miss your sports class. Ask your darling to go run some errands this week because you're tired. Have a meal delivered if you don't want to cook today.

In short, do not feel guilty for being a requester. Know that I had to do a lot of work on myself to dare to ask others. Still today I have a little trouble but I'm making progress. I think it's because I've noticed that a lot of people rely on others . It irritates me deeply and I don't want to be one of those people. However, finding the balance between being a "assist" and a loner is much better for your personal balance .

I hope these tips for taking time for yourself have been helpful