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Which window to choose for sound insulation?

Having light at home, saving energy:if the French were asked about the benefits of carpentry, it is almost certain that these two criteria would appear at the top of the list. However, windows, doors and other bay windows can bring much more. Explanations.

Sound insulation of joinery:what for?

It is impossible to deny the importance of windows in the thermal comfort of a home. When they are too old, of poor quality or simply poorly installed, they can be the cause of almost 30% of heat loss. Not only do you not feel well, but the energy bills are high.

However, beyond this criterion, there is another that can be important when you are about to order your new windows:sound insulation.

Who hasn't been, at least once, woken up in the middle of the night by a car horn or the sound of a motorcycle? Unfortunately, noise is better reproduced when a window has only one thickness of glazing.
Living in town or even needing quiet to work or create can arouse the desire to buy windows that provide a good acoustic comfort.

Even in the countryside, you can suffer from noise pollution, depending on your neighborhood or the proximity of a farm where a rooster intends to announce when day breaks.

Buying windows with good sound reduction is quite possible. The noise is then reduced by several decibels. Depending on the quality of the window, each sound heard will be reduced by 28 to around 40 decibels; which is considerable.

How to choose the best window when you don't want noise?

Car alarm, fire engine, lively discussion of people under the windows:everyday life can be noisy. It is necessary to opt for the acoustic attenuation on its various joinery to fight against these noise nuisances.

It is the quality of the glazing and its composition that will change everything. The outer and inner glasses are not the same thickness. The exterior glazing can be 10mm thick. Coupled with a spacer between these two panes which will dampen the noise coming from the outside, each noise will be much less loud.

How to find the right sound reduction, depending on the level of nuisance? It is necessary to refer to the Acotherm label which qualifies the joinery in 4 quality levels ranging from AC1 to AC4. It is an AC4 labeled window that will provide the best sound comfort since it will reduce each noise by 40 decibels.

We speak of nuisance when a noise approaches or exceeds 60 decibels. However, even less strong, according to the sensitivity of each one or the repetition of this noise, one can find that a barking, for example, if it is constant but does not exceed 50 decibels for certain dogs is a nuisance. .

By installing a new AC4 window, the barking would be reduced and perceived at only 10 decibels, the equivalent of the wind in the trees. What a change in everyday life, right?