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The Super Effective Trick to Remove Candle Wax From Furniture.

Oops... The candle left a wax stain on your furniture in wood ?

It can be very difficult to remove if you don't know how!

How to get candle wax off a piece of furniture?

Fortunately, my grandmother gave me her super effective trick to get rid of dried wax.

The trick is to use a hair dryer to easily remove the stain. Watch:

How to

1. Take your hair dryer.

2. Quickly heat up the dried wax with your hair dryer.

3. As soon as it begins to soften, remove it using a cloth or paper cloth.

4. If streaks remain, soak your cloth in rubbing alcohol and wipe over the streak.


There you go, the wax stain on your furniture has disappeared, without having to rub and without damaging your furniture :-)

Simple, practical and effective!

No more candle stains!

Easy to remove cold wax from furniture, isn't it?

The heat from the hair dryer softens and dissolves the cold wax.

You now know how to remove wax from varnished or naturally lacquered furniture.

Also consider this simple trick to remove candle wax from a wooden deck or parquet.

Bonus tip

- Do you know how to remove a candle stain from clothing, a rug, a linen tablecloth? Here is the simple trick to remove it effortlessly.

- Know that it also works to remove melted candle on a glass table or on tiles.

But before using this grandma trick, try peeling off the wax with a blunt knife blade. And then use the hair dryer to melt the stain.

- It is also effective for removing wax from a wall, plastic or metal.

The principle is always the same.

It is necessary to soften the cold wax (of candle, to depilate...). And then, all you have to do is absorb it with a cloth or blotting paper.

Your turn...

Have you tried this grandma's trick to clean a candle stain on a piece of furniture? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can't wait to read you!