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23 Photos That Show You Can Really Fix ANYTHING With Tape!

You really can fix anything with Scotch tape!

But not just any Scotch. Here we are talking about duct tape.

It is a magic product that can do everything! Why?

Because this impregnated and plasticized fabric Scotch is incredibly strong .

Invented during the 2nd World War, this adhesive tape was initially used by soldiers to keep their ammunition boxes dry.

Since then, we quickly realized that this Scotch could repair almost any object.

As you will see, this Scotch can be used for DIY at home but also to make art, even clothes!

For me, it has become one of those magical products that everyone must have in their home.

Here are 23 photos that show you can really fix anything with Scotch tape. Watch:

1. To prevent leaving traces on the parquet

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2. As a drink holder

3. To protect the bodywork

Yes, yes, you saw correctly! The whole body is covered with Scotch!

4. To repair an airplane

5. To personalize a bicycle helmet

And yes, there are different colors of adhesive tape, which makes it easy to use to decorate objects.

6. To easily open a jar that is too tight

Check out the trick here.

7. To prank your friends :-)

8. To wrap presents

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9. Or to make gift tags

10. To make a wallet

And yes, some stores even offer fabric ribbons with a pattern! Look at that cool Super Mario Bros ribbon!

11. To make roses

12. To make a masking tape costume

13. To repair a turtle shell while waiting for the vet

14. To repair the Apollo 13 mission command module

Did you know that multi-purpose tape saved the lives of the crew of the Apollo 13 mission? They used it to tinker with a carbon dioxide filter in their command module which brought the whole crew back to earth!

15. To make a mosaic

16. Or make a miniature relief sculpture

17. To turn a leaf blower into a gutter cleaner

18. To turn a fan into an air filter

19. To make great effects on photos

Just tape different filters on a GoPro camera to make amazing effects. You can find a professional filter set for under $30 on Amazon.

20. To repair the shelves of the fridge

21. No pockets? No problem :-)

22. Even more tar;-)

23. To repair an air duct

Where can I find duct tape?

If you don't have duct tape at home yet, we recommend this one, which is very durable and can be used to fix 1001 things!