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18 recognizable things when you move from a small village to a big city

If you've lived in a small town or city all your life, and suddenly move to a big city, it can be quite terrifying. But sometimes a move is just necessary, for whatever reason. A lot of things will change, so we list 18 recognizable things here.

1. You are actually surprised to find that not everyone knows everyone.

2. It is better not to drive a car because it is difficult to find a parking space and if you do find one it costs a lot of money.

3. Google maps, Uber and public transport will become your new best friends.

4. You have stopped counting the number of strangers you have already met.

5. Finding an apartment is not as fast as you thought.

6. Even if you do manage to find one, a large portion of the money you make will go towards the rent.

7. People look at you crazy when you greet them.

8. Living in a big city means that you get a lot of visitors, because everyone always wanted to go there.

9. Sometimes you wonder if the city is always this busy.

10. Which means you have the opportunity to make so many new friends.

11. The city will ensure that there is always something to do, no matter what time of day.

12. Filling your social calendar quickly and effortlessly!

13. You will understand the importance of budgeting and prioritizing things you need vs things you want.

14. You feel like a tourist, because you see this all around you.

15. You can never really have peace because there will always be loud noises around you.

16. Even after 9:00 pm things remain open.

17. You feel very vulnerable, but excited at the same time!

18. No matter what happens, you hold on tighter to your roots.