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How to Fight Spiders at Home?

How to Fight Spiders at Home?

Rightly or wrongly, spiders are often the source of phobias .

Personally, it's their paintings that bother me the most.

Here is a very simple idea to fight against the invasion of these 8-legged creatures in our homes.

« Spider of the morning, sorrow, spider of the evening, hope goes the saying.

But these little critters have nothing to do with our fears or our sorrows .

How to Fight Spiders at Home?

  • A little well-placed mint
  • Prevent them from making their nests
  • Bonus tip
  • Savings

However, it is true that they do not look very clean, especially because of the canvas that they weave in every corner of the house.

A bit of well-placed mint

The fresh mint is a good repellent against spiders (and also against ants for that matter).

Why ? Because this plant gives off a strong smell that these creepers do not like at all.

Yes, but how and where to place the mint?

The trick is to' crush the fresh mint then put it in empty tea bags to scatter around the house.

If you drink tea, reuse those already consumed. Alternatively, click here to buy empty tea bags.

How to Fight Spiders at Home?

Now the goal is to place them strategically where spiders are likely to enter the house.

That is to say:entrance halls, window sills and in doorways (openings) or any other place likely to be an entry point for these insects.

Prevent them from making their nests

Spiders like to make their webs in the corners of rooms both on the floor and on the ceiling.

So that they no longer come to make their nests, the mint can help you scare them away.

This time, no need to crush the leaves.

Simply hang a few sprigs of mint from the ceiling or in the corners they usually colonize.

And they will weave their webs elsewhere.

To hang the sprigs of mint, the scotch does the job very well.

How to Fight Spiders at Home?

In any case, for better efficiency, prefer fresh mint to dried mint.

Bonus tip

Instead of having to change the leaves every 2 days, I water them once in a while using a small water sprayer.

Savings achieved

How to Fight Spiders at Home?

Insecticides are chemical, we don't really like that, especially inside houses. In addition, it remains quite expensive (between 3 and 6 € for 5 applications).

The mint grown in our garden costs nothing. And if we have to buy it, we take a few leaves from what we buy to make our tabbouleh. You can even freeze it.

It costs us about €0.40 per use compared to €0.80 for the insecticide. For 15 applications per year, we therefore save 6 € and we do not use chemicals.