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The kitchen trends 2019 from wooden to rural kitchen

Ready for a new kitchen? Then first take a look at the kitchen trends 2019 from wooden kitchen to country kitchen. Tips on the latest trends, which materials should not be missing and interesting facts about what men and women actually want for a kitchen.

A kitchen according to men vs women

Research has been done into the wishes of men and women in the field of kitchens. Surprising results came out of this. This kitchen trend infographic shows that the majority of people are opting for a wooden kitchen instead of a white kitchen. Moreover, men are more likely to choose a freestanding stove than women. A country kitchen appeals to no less than 50% of the men compared to 32% of the women. I personally find that a very surprising result. I always assumed that men like a sleek and modern design. So it's a good tip to take your partner's taste into account when you are looking for a new kitchen. And that the taste can be very different than you think.

Wooden kitchen

Wood is timeless and brings us back to nature. And that is exactly what is intended with this kitchen trend:wooden kitchens are trendy in 2019. The warm and cozy look of wood ensures that the kitchen is timeless and cozy at the same time. As far as the color is concerned, there is plenty of choice, so that you can tailor the kitchen design to your own taste and the other interior design of the house.

Matte black kitchen

A matte black kitchen is an eye-catcher and is the trend in 2019. The kitchens are combined with a back wall and kitchen worktop that form a nice contrast. For the kitchen worktop, for example, choose a wooden version. The wood combined with black creates a chic look in the kitchen.

Integrated extractor hood

A separate extractor hood may be nice and suitable for a restaurant, but in 2019 this is no longer possible in the kitchen. The extractor hood must be incorporated into the design of the kitchen this year. By covering the extractor hood in the same style as the kitchen cabinets, you create one whole. This way you can enjoy the benefits of having an extractor hood, while the kitchen is super trendy at the same time.

For a trendy cozy look

The kitchen is the heart of the house and it can also be quite cozy there. You can easily create that coziness by placing some kitchen items in it. Put that nice tagine from Morocco on the windowsill or kitchen counter. Place that one vase you brought with you from vacation in a prominent place in the kitchen. Make it cozy, without leaving too many things around.

Shelves instead of upper cabinets

Another kitchen trend in 2019 consists of replacing kitchen upper cabinets with shelves. You can display all kinds of kitchen items on these shelves. Variety and tranquility are the key words here. Choose accessories in neutral colors interspersed with a number of eye-catchers.

Industrial kitchen worktop

Another big trend in the kitchen is the industrial kitchen worktop. A concrete kitchen top or a great look-a-like gives the kitchen that little bit extra. An industrial look can also be imitated by mixing concrete with rust color. It is important that the kitchen worktop matches the other look of your kitchen as a finishing touch.

Use of different metals in the kitchen

Last year it was mainly brass that was used in the kitchens, this year various materials can be combined with each other. Brass remains, but is supplemented by, among other things, tin and copper. You simply process these materials by choosing a certain tap, lighting and other metal accessories in your kitchen.

Kitchen in two colors

Two-tone kitchens are all the rage this year. Think of wood combined with white. By using two colors in the kitchen, you get a very trendy look. Wood is the absolute trend this year. Because not everyone can appreciate a wooden kitchen, you can make a compromise. Choose wooden kitchen doors in a white frame with a white kitchen top. You can also play with this kitchen style a bit, as you can see here.

By the way, you don't necessarily have to buy a new kitchen. Are you ready for something new, without immediately replacing the kitchen and without having to spend a lot of money? With these low budget tips you can update the kitchen quickly and easily.