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Tips to prepare your home for summer

With temperatures up to 26 degrees in this sunny spring, we can certainly not complain. Our summer feeling has started screaming and can't wait for all the delicious things that come with summer. A summer interior is certainly part of that. In this article we give tips on how to prepare your home for summer!

Major cleaning

Before all the beautiful things can begin, the old must first be removed. A major cleaning gives a fresh and dust-free feeling. During the cleaning, also take a critical look at your current accessories. You can get so used to accessories that you no longer realize they are there. Away with the winter colors!


Spring is your time to shine with the most colorful flowers. Visit your local florist every week or subscribe to Bloomon. So you are provided with a fresh bunch of flowers every week and you are welcomed every time by a wonderful floral scent. It becomes extra fun when you start growing your own herbs. What could be better than cooling off on a hot summer day with an ice-cold glass of water with home-grown mint.

Take care of your garden

Summer allows us to move our indoor life outdoors. To make the most of this, you need the following:

  • A garden/balcony of course;
  • Lounge set;
  • Fire pit;
  • Comfortable beanbag;
  • Mosquito net (only downside to the summer!)

Light colors

The summery color palette makes us personally very happy. Banish the dark cozy colors from your home. Bring light shades such as apple green and light yellow into your home. Your home should brighten up just like outside! Do you find adjusting the color palette of your home too much trouble? Then make sure you let in a lot of daylight. Window decoration plays an important role in this. Open your custom curtains or purchase sheer curtains to recreate the atmosphere of a Spanish holiday home.

Bring on that summer!