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Maintenance Free Portal:Does It Exist?

We imagine it majestic, perfectly representing what is hidden behind, namely a well-maintained house and exterior. But homeowners looking to install a new gate tend to overlook one important criteria:the maintenance that needs to be done to that sash. Which material to choose?

What are the different materials used to craft a portal?

You can first find steel gates. Very beautiful and perfect in front of old residences or mansions, they highlight the beauty of a garden with an impeccably mown lawn. This, of course, if he himself is the subject of regular maintenance.

Even if techniques can increase the life of a steel gate, it will always be overtaken by its eternal enemy:rust. It is therefore important to act upstream to preserve the gate and then to maintain it every year or every two years, depending on its exposure to bad weather. A real constraint, especially if it is large and ornate.

Another possibility, the wooden gate, so authentic and warm at the same time. Whether solid or openwork, wood inevitably attracts insects and fungi. They do not hesitate to damage it irreparably. The only solution, here again, is to anticipate by brushing it with an anti-fungicide product, among others. This will not be enough to protect it against the ravages of time. If you do not like to see it adopt a gray hue over the years, it is necessary to apply a stain or paint every year. It can be more spaced out, if we put the price in products with a longer duration of action.

What is the best material when you want a maintenance-free gate?

However, there are two materials that do not require any maintenance. However, this does not exempt the future owner from washing them, once or twice a year, if they are covered with bird droppings. But usually the rain is enough to wash them off.

First, let's mention PVC. Economical, it can be found in a hinged, sliding or freestanding model, it is a light and durable material. However, aesthetically speaking, it can put off owners looking for a beautiful gate to magnify access to their home.

Finally, the star product with many strengths:aluminium. Requiring no maintenance, it is perfect for lovers of design and elegance. Solid, louvered, slatted, it can be chosen in many forms and can of course, like all the others, be motorized.

If it is not the most economical solution, owners swear by it, once installed by a professional. Being able to integrate a gate or a mailbox, it is perfect when you want a reliable, durable and beautiful product.

The icing on the cake (and an asset that unfortunately cannot be attributed to PVC), aluminum can be 100% recycled. A good additional point which completes to convince, in general, people to adopt it for decades of good and loyal service.