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What claims are covered by home insurance?

Home insurance allows the insured to protect his home, himself and his family. This contract contains basic guarantees to which optional guarantees may be added.

Whether you are an owner or a tenant, it is strongly recommended or even essential to take out home insurance to protect yourself from any damage that may occur in the accommodation. In concrete terms, what is home insurance for? What claims are covered? How to compare home insurance quotes? Explanations.

What claims are covered by home insurance?

Is home insurance compulsory?

If you are a tenant, you must be insured for any damage caused to the accommodation during the rental period. However, exceptions exist. Indeed, taking out home insurance is not compulsory for the tenant of furnished accommodation, the owner occupying or not occupying, or the tenant of company accommodation.

It should be noted that since the entry into force of the Alur law, owners whose property is in a condominium are obliged to insure it at least for civil liability.

What claims are covered by home insurance?

Home insurance generally includes civil liability which covers damage caused to a third party. Liability insurance not only protects the policyholder but also household members, attendants, pets, rented, borrowed or owned items. Please note, however, that this insurance does not cover damage caused intentionally.

Among the basic guarantees of home insurance, there is the water damage guarantee which covers movable or immovable property damaged by the action of water. This guarantee applies, for example, in the event of leaks, ruptures or overflowing water pipes.

The fire guarantee covers damage caused by fire, explosion, lightning or smoke. Insurers require compliance with safety measures to trigger compensation, in particular chimney sweeping and the installation of a smoke detector.

The glass breakage guarantee covers breakage or cracks observed on windows, panes, skylights, terraces and bay windows. Several objects are not covered by this guarantee, such as dishes or lighting elements. It is therefore important to carefully read the clauses of your home insurance contract.

The natural disaster guarantee covers damage caused by floods, mudslides, earthquakes, drought or avalanches. When the accommodation has become uninhabitable, the insurer may cover the costs of relocation of its client if the contract provides for it.

The theft guarantee provides for the management of stolen objects but also those that have been damaged or destroyed during a burglary.

How to choose the best home insurance?

To benefit from better protection, you can take out optional guarantees. This may be the swimming pool guarantee, the appliance maintenance guarantee or the pet guarantee. There are many other optional warranties.

It is possible to find cheap and personalized home insurance using an online comparator. When comparing, remember to take into account certain elements and in particular:the general and specific conditions, the value of your movable property, the deductibles, the guarantees included and not included, the exclusions, the compensation ceilings, the deficiency. Indeed, when you compare home insurance quotes, you should not only dwell on the rates. Your contract must anticipate all the situations you may face on a daily basis and correspond to your profile.