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WHAT A NICE PLACE:the online decoration coach (and free)

Want a new coffee table that will add a serious plus to your decor? Unless you want a floor lamp, a rug or a sofa? Why not use decoration specialists? Too expensive, you say? Well no ! On the "What a Nice Place" site, it's even free!

"Don't have time to look or don't know where to look?" Tell us everything and we'll put on our super Personal Shopper capes to unearth the 'suitable' piece of furniture on the web", shout Isa, Anne &Co, who "unearth your decor".

How does it work?

1/We register! A linking his Facebook account, for example, which only takes a few seconds.

2/ We fill out a form with 4 quick steps to clearly specify what we are looking for. It's very fun and well done:we start by choosing the room, then we select our "atmosphere tastes" from among lots of photos...

We then specify the piece of furniture we are looking for (what style we want to give, the dimensions, the budget…), adding if we wish a photo of its interior or of a favorite piece of furniture.

3/ We validate and we receive a few days later "a unique selection for you and just for you!" You choose from a dozen products that can be purchased in 1 click and identified for you in the offer of more than 150 merchants, "explains the site.

Good to clarify:no obligation to buy, of course! The furniture offered has been spotted on "trusted websites", reassures WHAT A NICE PLACE, specifying that it is up to us to then order "directly from them".

And if not, in the meantime, you can always steal some pretty interior ideas offered by the site...