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How to maintain your roof against moss?

By dint of being continuously exposed to rain, sun, humidity and temperature changes, our roof is very quickly colonized by mosses, fungi, lichens... I'm going on! But how to effectively demoss your roofs.

Necessary equipment and products

It is true, it still rains a lot these days. And unfortunately, the weather does not lend itself to a little cleaning of the roof at the moment. However, the summer period remains the ideal time to schedule it. Indeed, as soon as winter is here, the roofs are quite difficult to access.

This maintenance action is essential if you want to prolong the life of your tiles. Of course, you always have the option of using the services of a professional. However, their intervention will not be given. Or the alternative is to simply do it yourself. I have already equipped myself for.

And as soon as the sun comes up, with the help of a few friends, I'm going to get down to it without further delay. But first, I'm going to make sure I have a large roofer's ladder, some wire brushes, some sprayers. Without forgetting the essentials of anti-moss products and water repellent bought a few days ago at my hardware store.

Interview step by step

Fortunately, since I'm not cleaning my roof for the first time, the actions to be taken are becoming more and more familiar to me. But first, I put on a small coverall and gloves to protect my delicate hands from the products.

And I don't forget to put on non-slip boots to limit the risk of slipping. The demossing can finally begin! Here's how. Before going up on the roof, prepare the anti-foam in the sprayer, scrupulously respecting the doses prescribed in the instructions. Spray the product on the places of the roof. Insist on areas covered with moss and fungus.

Leave on for twenty to thirty minutes. Then to remove them, scrape them gently with the metal brushes. By sweeping with your hands, remove large residues. You can also use a small shovel. Then, with a garden hose, rinse the roof with water so that the traces of vegetation disappear definitively. Allow to dry well before applying the water repellent.

This product protects the roof from humidity and therefore slows down the proliferation of moss. My trick? I wait a whole day, so I'm sure the tile surfaces are dry. The water repellent adheres more easily.