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How to install fixed air conditioning in the house?

How to install fixed air conditioning in the house?

There are several models of air conditioning on the market, depending on the brand, the power and the place where you want to use it. Air conditioning is surely one of the most popular inventions because this device allows you to regulate and control the interior temperature.

In invigorating cold or scorching heat, simply adjust the temperature of the air conditioning to obtain an optimal temperature. There are also models that do not require adjustments, operating in fully automatic mode.

By its ability to regulate thermal conditions in an enclosed space, it is found most of the time in the office or in the car, or even at home.

It is not necessary to hire professionals to install air conditioning, a simple person can take care of it perfectly if he scrupulously follows the steps to properly install his fixed air conditioning in the house.


In addition to its function of thermal regulation, the air conditioning also ensures the renewal of the air inside, and this by a ventilation system which limits the carbon dioxide content. Thus, it offers a luxurious thermal comfort and pleasant to live in any season of the year. When buying air conditioning, make sure with the supplier that it has a guarantee of at least 12 months.

Location and setup

Before choosing the location of the air conditioning, it is important to choose a place that is as less humid as possible and not exposed to heat. It is advisable to favor a ventilated place, on the wall or on the ground. Also check that there are no obstacles preventing the air from circulating freely inside and outside.

The installation requires the fixing, on either side of a wall, of two elements:one inside the house and the other outside.

The first step is to drill the wall. Be sure not to touch any pipes or electrical wires. Then you have to fix the brackets of the device.

The second step involves drilling a hole approximately 90mm in diameter to place the connecting pipe. But do not drill until the end.

The third step:it is a question of finishing the drilling on the outer side to obtain a well-defined hole. Then pass the drain tube and install the air conditioning bracket.

The installation of fixed air conditioning in the house

With the help of a person, you will have to set up the exterior elements and place the dowels. Put the device on it by fixing the dowels.

Then install the pipes and connect the power supply according to the instructions in the manual.

Then you will put the cover in place using the screws, place the interior elements and first test the device under power to make sure that everything works before moving on to the final assembly. And to finish, fix the passage in the wall and maintain the external pipes. It is advisable to hide them well for a more aesthetic appearance of the house. Run a final test to make sure everything is working properly.