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What to do in the garden after the rain?

What to do in the garden after the rain and these episodes in the Cévennes which saw the earth take on its back 8 months of rain in a few days? It's high not hurry .

The garden needs rest, in the sense that it would be inappropriate to work the soil, or even to walk on it. Water needs toflow and it would be harmful to compact the soil.

Seed collection and labeling

On the other hand, the gardener does not forget that All Saints Day is coming and that thefrosts will follow. Every time it's the same thing, I curse - yes it happens to me - because I forgot to note the colors of the dahlias. Since I am waiting for the first frost to pick them up and store them in a cool, dry place, the flowers have disappeared. So, I'm going to take advantage of this moment of forced calm to prepare the labels :light pink pompom, giant orange with a yellow heart, pure white star… Next summer’s beds will not blame me – I hope – for a lack of taste or sometimes…surprising originality!

I also have to give away somecollection irises to my neighbor. There, it's just a marker stroke on a sheet:purple, big yellow...

Here, I'm going to do the same with the seeds of the night owls. A label to indicate the color. There is always a risk of mixing, of natural hybridization. But too bad for Mendel's laws, the yellow foot will give yellow feet! No but!

On the other hand, I don't know when I couldsow the beans and peas . Radish seedlings gotwashed out , I have the tops left to make soups (radish top soups are excellent!) The turnips are floating, the carrots are gone, a few amphibious slugs are attacking the cabbages. Sad garden. So I leaf through the catalogs and find myself dreaming of a flower garden that smells of thyme and farigoulette. Is it serious doctor?

What to do in the garden after the rain?

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