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How to set up a barbecue in the garden?

How to set up a barbecue in the garden?

Summer is fast approaching, you might as well change your way of life by installing a barbecue area in the garden. This time of year symbolizes the beginning of all-you-can-eat aperitifs and endless evenings with friends by the pool. To take full advantage of the heat and the longer days, here are the steps to follow.

A barbecue from a metal tank

How to set up a barbecue in the garden? Before starting work, first think about the exact location of the barbecue area. Indeed, it must not disturb the neighbors or smoke the guests during the aperitif. For this, you must take into account its exposure to bad weather, especially to winds and rain.

Avoid placing this building next to aerial vegetation. For more hygiene and less expense, it is better to make your own Weber-style barbecue yourself. You need a barrel and the appropriate tools. Use old gate posts as legs.

If you want, put a plywood board will strengthen the base of the structure. At the end you can put pipes fixed by bolts. Cut out a barrel attaching a lid using stainless steel hooks.

As far as ventilation is concerned, it is enough to put holes, just at the top of the latter. Add a thermometer and you can paint the exterior using special high temperature resistant products.

Now you can enjoy the smell of prawns and skewers in the middle of the garden under the sun.

A firebrick barbecue

Ideal for construction, firebricks tend to retain heat. First, take the dimension of the building using the grid size, which you must purchase in advance. Then determine the height and other related dimensions. This technique allows you to define the number of bricks you need to use.

How to set up a barbecue in the garden?

The barbecue must have a flat, stable and solid surface to avoid the risk of accidents. If this is not the case, you must lay down a layer of cement to unify the floor.

The first row will be directly sealed. Then stack the bricks in the shape you want, preferably in a U. Make sure the vertical seams are staggered.

How to set up a barbecue in the garden?

In case you want a barbecue of a more complex shape, you must cut the bricks in 2 or 3. For more precision, use a mallet and a chisel. You can also use a grinder. Seal the bricks together. And finally, build the table and the grid support.

Practical advice

Ask your mayor if your equipment does not require any declaration or a building permit. Each municipality has its own procedures and rules. It is important to place the building away from the house of wooden structures and plants.

How to set up a barbecue in the garden?

Favor fire-resistant materials such as concrete and refractory bricks. Pre-heating is necessary for the first use of the barbecue. To avoid accidents, keep your children away from it, especially when lighting.