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Wall display case

Wall display case

A pre-made display case is a great way to display a t-shirt. Among the most useful features of this particular case are the marked holes to attach it to the wall and a peg to hang the jersey; the peg slips through the sleeves of the shirt and is then suspended from a hanger inside the frame. This technique allows the shirt to be displayed with much more dimension than could be achieved by simply hanging it on a hanger.

After determining which side of the shirt you want to show, insert the pin through the sleeves. This case is deep enough to allow the shirt to be displayed with some dimension, but it is possible to find or build cases that can hold much bulkier items.

An alternative to the peg idea is a custom display case that can be made from wood and lined with fabric, to which the display element can be attached or alternatively attached with hook and loop tape. /P>

Proper lighting is important. Memorabilia should be lit in a way that prevents damage, as many materials are highly susceptible to the effects of UV rays and should be protected from them. Among the types of lighting available for displays are rope lighting, which can be mounted inside deeper boxes for extra brightness; and museum lights that can be mounted on the wall above a display case. These can be used alone or in combination with other methods.

Another important part of displaying any type of memorabilia is putting up a plaque that explains or commemorates the meaning of an item. Remember that although an element may be of great importance to you, it will have an impact on others only if they understand what it represents.

The best way to approach a niche display is to make sure it's not cluttered:elements are of interest only if they can be seen clearly.