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The POWERFUL Anti-Aphid Spray That Protects Your Plants.

The POWERFUL Anti-Aphid Spray That Protects Your Plants.

Are your plants looking gloomy?

And there are lots of little black or green bugs on it?

Look no further, they are surely aphids!

They come to suck the sap of the plants which end up dying if you don't act quickly...

Fortunately, here is the powerful recipe for the anti-aphid spray that protects your plants naturally.

All you need to get rid of aphids is black soap and water. Watch:

The POWERFUL Anti-Aphid Spray That Protects Your Plants.

  • What you need
  • How to
  • Result
  • Additional tips
  • Why does it work?

What you need

- 3 tablespoons of liquid black soap

- 1 liter of hot water

- spray

- funnel

- pan

How to

1. Heat the water in the pan.

2. Add the liquid black soap.

3. Mix well with a spoon.

4. Leave to cool.

5. Pour into the spray with the funnel.

6. Spray on plants attacked by aphids.


The POWERFUL Anti-Aphid Spray That Protects Your Plants.

And There you go ! Thanks to this powerful treatment with black soap, you have eliminated aphids on your plants :-)

Easy, fast and efficient, right?

Not only have you killed the aphids, but this treatment also protects your plants from future invasion!

And I'm not even talking about the savings you'll make, because you no longer need to buy overpriced products sold in garden centres!

Additional advice

- Do not forget to spray the underside of the leaves and the soil around the plant, where the larvae fall.

- Repeat the treatment every day during the invasion.

- If you use solid black soap in paste, put only 1 tablespoon and a half instead of 3.

- Use this repellent preferably in the morning or evening, out of direct sunlight and rain.

Why does it work?

Black soap has the power to kill aphids without any chemicals for your plants.

This anti-aphid is super effective against aphids on roses, tomatoes and other garden plants!

You can use it on trees, shrubs and flowers without any worries.

In addition, this 100% natural insecticide also works against mealybugs, thrips, spider mites...