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Check if local stores are open using Google Home or Assistant

While Google wants you to keep everything online or in the cloud, Google Home has a useful feature for those who still shop in physical stores. Don't have Google Home? Read on to take advantage of any capable Android phone.

Rather than rushing around just to find a store (or restaurant) that's already closed, you can check with Google to make sure it's still open. You don't even have to fiddle with any buttons, just speak out loud and ask a question.

  • “How late is Home deposit open?”
  • “It is Home deposit Open now?”
  • “How far is Depot from home from here?”
  • “There are some hardware stores close?”
  • “What are the closest restaurants to me?”

You can of course replace the bold text in the command with the name of the store or type you are interested in. When replying, Google Home will specify which branch you are referring to by mentioning the address.

The device also makes it easy to create a shopping list before you go out. If you only have a shopping list, you can use the following voice commands:

  • “Add paper towels to my shopping list.”
  • “Add paper towels and batteries to my shopping list.”
  • “What's on my shopping list??”

If you want to set up multiple shopping lists, open the Google Home app and tap the hamburger button. Go to More settings> Shopping list .

If you prefer, you can even choose to shop online using Google Home voice controls from Google Home:The future of shopping at home? Google Home voice controls:The future of home shopping? Google Home wants to give the Amazon Echo a run for its money when it comes to letting you shop without lifting a finger, but is it ready to take over the online shopping market? Read more . This feature is currently only available to US residents, and means you'll need to enter your credit card or payment information on your Google Home device.

If you don't have Google Home

If you have Google Assistant on your Android phone How to lock/unlock an Android phone with your voice with Google Assistant How to lock/unlock an Android phone with your voice with Google Assistant What if you could lock and unlock your phone with just your voice? On Android, you can do it thanks to Google Assistant. Read More Google Assistant will display a set of results it gets from Google Maps with business hours included.

If you don't have access to Google Assistant, any smartphone with Google Maps installed makes it easy to find some of that key information. Google Maps is ideal for letting you know what time a business or restaurant is going to close. In fact, if you try to give directions to a store that is closed or closing soon, Google Maps will tell you.

What are your favorite Google Home tips and tricks? Let us know in the comments.