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Wedding Wedding Invitations and Party Favors

Shower Themes

Helmet Party
The idea is to furnish the couple's house with the necessary tools and hardware that every house should have. Guests are encouraged to wear jeans. Buy a pack of plastic kids' tools and attach a tool to each invitation with a piece of ribbon. Print party favors by hand, or use your computer to create something clever.

A toast
The theme is an extended toast to the couple. A fancy written invitation is tucked inside a Styrofoam cup with a ribbon on the stem.

Gourmet shower:
Guests are asked to bring gifts that can be used in the kitchen, such as cookware and cookbooks. Tie the invitations to the pot holders.

Good trip shower:
If the couple is planning an out-of-town honeymoon, make the shower invitations look like luggage tags, then affix them to the couple's destination brochures.

Garden Party:
Use miniature watering cans with a packet of flower seeds and an invitation attached to the handle of each can with a narrow ribbon.

Party working:
Guests must help paint a room or lay grass. The invitation is attached to a small shovel or other suitable tool.

Place cards

Fill a toilet paper roll with a small plastic bag of mints, wrap with crepe paper cut 3" longer than the toilet paper roll on each end, and tie both ends with ribbon. Glue on a name tag.

Mini cowboy hats:
For a western-themed party, print out the names and attach them to little hats to use as place cards.

Mug with flowers:
If you're hosting a garden party, buy an inexpensive mug that fits the garden theme and place a silk flower inside. Attach name tags, and use as place cards.


When it comes to creating centerpieces, use things you have around the house:

Decorated birdhouse:
For a country garden party, nestle a cheerfully painted birdhouse in raffia.

Chef's hat:
Slip a chef's hat over an empty coffee can, shop for potted flowers like moms, and glue kitchen utensils onto the plant.

Decorated Easter Basket:
Encourage guests to give money at the shower by placing fake currency in a basket filled with decorative grass.