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How to build a garage step by step

To protect the car against theft, damage or bad weather, building a garage becomes an obvious choice if you have a detached house with land. The trend today is towards self-construction , carry out this project yourself thanks to these few tips.

Make a plan and prepare the ground for your future garage

The first stage of the project consists of carrying out the usual administrative formalities. Note that a garage whose area does not go beyond 20m2 will simply require a declaration of work to be filed with the town hall. This process is undertaken as soon as possible because the authorization takes time to be issued. On the other hand, if the garage exceeds 20m2, an application for a building permit from the town hall is mandatory. The application file must be completed by a certain number of documents, in particular the description of the work, images of the land and the surrounding environment and the plan.

Speaking of plan, the realization of it is done from the beginning of the project. You can do it yourself using specific software or by doing it by hand. Calling on the services of an architect is also a possible option but not mandatory given the small scale of the work.

At the end of these steps, you will have to choose the location of the land and then determine the type of garage desired. At this point, there are four choices. First, there is the buried model which offers the maximum space. On the other hand, relatively heavy work is to be undertaken in the context of clearing, leveling, construction of the retaining wall or the access ramp. Secondly, the semi-buried model is possible on sloping ground. It does not require an access ramp and can accommodate a roof terrace. For direct access into the house, the third model is represented by the attached garage. Otherwise, if you don't want to be bothered by exhaust gases and noise, you can opt for the fourth model of the separate type.

The different possible materials to build your garage

Among the most popular materials in the construction of a garage is metal . Practical and economical, the structure is quickly assembled and its installation does not require a lot of tools or specific know-how. Notice to beginners. As it benefits from a treatment against corrosion, this metal model does not need maintenance. In addition, it will appeal to small budgets because the investment is relatively small. The only negative point relates to the industrial aspect of the structure which does not please everyone.

Also, those looking for a modern and aesthetic garage, the hard models stand out as the most suitable alternative. In brick, aerated concrete or concrete , they are as durable as they are resistant. On the other hand, advanced knowledge of masonry and DIY are required given the complexity of the installation. It will be necessary to consider major works, especially in the creation of the foundations.

Lovers of natural materials will direct their choice towards the wooden garage . With its warm and elegant aesthetic, it gives character to the property and fits naturally into the garden thanks to its various painted or stained finishes. This noble material is also robust and can withstand the years without losing its aesthetics. The structure is quite easy to make except that it requires at least a concrete screed.

The different stages of construction

The initial stage of the construction concerns the earthwork which makes it possible to reinforce the capacities of the ground so that it can accommodate the structure and avoid landslides. It also allows for a smooth and level floor. The ideal is to contact a professional for this operation because it requires construction machinery.

This done, the next step is to acquire the materials. Quick Tip:Make a group purchase for all the tools and products you need. You will make significant savings.

Once everything is together, you can move on to the construction itself. The work begins with the construction of the foundations, the installation of the drains to prevent infiltration and the installation of the electrical sheath dedicated to the installation of the sockets. After pouring the concrete screed, proceed to mounting the walls.

Then install the insulation, which is preferably done from the outside to prevent pollution from the exhaust gas from clumping on the material. Then, make the frame in order to be able to set up the roof. The work is completed with the finishes, in particular the various fittings and the installation of the garage door, which comes in several versions:sectional, hinged, roll-up, folding, etc.

What about prefab garages?

Prefabricated garages are winning the hearts of more and more individuals. Easy to assemble, they are economical. This structure is made up of a set of modules in kit form, delivered directly to your home. It can be made of steel, wood, one-piece concrete or aluminum and comes in several shapes, plans and sizes.

In addition, it is possible to personalize it according to the desires and needs of each one. Options in terms of resistance, paint, insulation and others are offered by the manufacturers. On the price side, it will be necessary to plan between 2000 and 15,000 € depending on the materials used, the options chosen or the desired surface.

Last option:call a professional. How much does it cost?

It is imperative to request an estimate to know the real price of the construction of a garage by a professional. The rates depend on a certain number of criteria, in particular the configuration of the space, the surface area, the materials, the fittings and the type of door. The cost of labor must also be taken into account. To give you an idea, the price per m2 of a traditional cinder block garage varies around 500 €. For a buried or semi-buried model, it will cost €700 per m2.